Phuc Yea is NOT your typical Vietnamese restaurant. We do not serve Pho, we do not do the traditional stir fries and noodle dishes. Eliminate any sort of preconceived notions of "what a Vietnamese restaurant should be."

Phuc Yea does offer an extensive selection of dishes deeply rooted in Vietnamese flavors and ingredients albeit fused with spicy, bold Cajun richness.

Our menu is largely seafood driven, but no fear. We have dishes suited for all dietary needs. Please advise your server of any allergies or specific needs we should be aware of. 

Phuc Yea is inspired by Aniece Meinhold's Vietnamese heritage and Cesar Zapata's Third Coast culinary roots. Under one roof, guests are invited to marvel at Biscayne's blossoming Mimo District; embrace 90's hip-hop, street-cool music; and enjoy Chef Cesar's version of Viet- Cajun cuisine. 

Brunch features a share plate style menu that highlights classic American brunch preparations. It is at brunch, Chef Zapata will feature his Gulf and Southern influences more prominently while still integrating Vietnamese breakfast tradition. 

We look forward to feeding and serving you in the future.