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Welcome to Phuc Yea! 

We are excited to open our doors and serve you. 

During this challenging time, we are doing our utmost to comply with the city & state COVID- 19 mandates to provide a safe dining experience for our guests & our staff.

We have both indoor and outdoor seating. Reservations receive preferential treatment on outdoor seating. If this is important to you or someone in your party, please be sure to specify this in your reservations notes. However, please understand, these requests cannot always be guaranteed based on time and volume of incoming reservations. 

For the safety of all, we require face coverings to be worn at all times except while eating or drinking. We look forward to your next visit!


* All checks have a mandatory 20% service charge added to them. 


All cocktails & dishes are prepared as designed and cannot be edited. Please note if a menu item is prepared to specifications and is returned, we will not remove or credit diners' checks. 

*** We charge $1 per person for unlimited Vero Still and/or Sparkling Water from our in-house filtration system.

**** No more than 4 methods of payment per table. The miracles of technology have blessed us with multiple cash transferring apps 😉. 

We are a CASHLESS HOUSE!!!!!!.

We proudly serve bottled Vero Water for $1 per person.


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